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Posted by Alex Colmenero on January 31, 2024 | Last Updated: February 1, 2024 Uncategorized

Fresh and Fragrant Flowers for a Welcoming Airport Pickup

After a lengthy plane flight, few things are better than being surprised with a bouquet of fresh, colorful flowers. It not only says “welcome” and “we’re glad you’re here,” but also serves as a wonderful way to express your love for the traveler you’re welcoming. At Rancho Mirage Florist, we know that gifting a floral arrangement at the airport is a tradition that has become a form of art. Whether your intention is to bring a smile to their face or to make them feel the love, we have a variety of ideas for surprising your loved one with the beauty of nature.

Creative Ways to Surprise Loved Ones with Flowers

Present Flowers at the Airport

When creating a memorable welcome for your loved ones, few gestures rival giving them of a fresh bouquet of flowers as they walk through the gate. With our extensive variety of blossoms, you have the ability to select the bouquet that resonates with their personality and taste. For an extra bit of humor and warmth, accompany their flowers with a clever, homemade sign, guaranteed to make them laugh as you greet them.

Spruce Up Your Car

If you’re worried about the hassle of carrying bouquets and luggage through the airport, consider sprucing up the interior of your car instead. You can arrange flowers in the cupholders and place a heartfelt card or some tasty snacks on the passenger seat to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As you load their luggage into the trunk, this thoughtful gesture up front will make them feel appreciated and at ease.

Decorate Your Home

For a timeless and luxe welcome, there’s nothing like the sight of a lavish flower bouquet bearing their name, patiently awaiting them as they step through the door of your house. You might even want to hang a welcome banner or costume your pets to add an extra layer of enjoyment to the moment.

Tease with a Single Stem

If you want to offer a warm and hassle-free welcome without juggling multiple bouquets, opt for a single stem as a sweet gesture at the airport. Upon returning home, the rest of their bouquet will surprise them, elegantly arranged in a vase filled with fresh water.

Design a Flower Scavenger Hunt

For an inventive and enjoyable approach to welcoming your guests, organizing a flower scavenger hunt. You can start by greeting them at the airport gate with a single stem, then present another in the car, give them a small bunch as they enter your home, and finally, surprise them with a complete bouquet at lunch. To make it even more fun, attach notes with riddles, snippets of an itinerary, or segments of a sentence that they can piece together as they collect each flower.

Dress Up the Dinner Table

When your guests are arriving around mealtime, elevate their welcome with a stunning centerpiece crafted from fresh flowers. This classic and luxe gesture is sure to make them feel special. You can place a card by the centerpiece to let them know it’s for them. Round out the dining experience by serving their favorite local dishes or introducing them to bold new flavors.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

To give their guest room a touch of sophistication and cheer, place a fresh flower bouquet on display. This considerate gesture offers a warm welcome and ensures that the blooms remain vibrant throughout their stay. You can enhance the experience by including a brief welcome note that suggests exciting places for them to explore in your city or town.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Blooms

If your guests are arriving late in the evening or feel weary from their journey, you might opt to have a morning floral delivery. Everyone will enjoy the beauty of the blooms while sipping on tea, coffee, and nibbling on breakfast, creating a more impactful and uplifting start to their day.

Rancho Mirage Florist has an extensive array of colorful flowers, ensuring you’ll figure out the ideal way to warmly receive your guests. When you’re in search of the finest blooms in the Coachella Valley for your next welcoming gesture, look no further than Rancho Mirage Florist.