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Posted by Alex Colmenero on February 16, 2024 Uncategorized

Honoring Women’s Day: Meaningful Ways to Celebrate

International Women’s Day is here, and if you’re curious about how you’ll own this day, it’s all about who you are and what sparks joy in your life. Whether you’re keeping it local or focusing worldwide with your celebration, both moves are legit. At Rancho Mirage Florist in the Coachella Valley, we’re all about serving fresh flowers to the queens and allies making waves and giving everyone life. It shows love to IWD’s mission, which is all about celebrating the bosses who are making a difference. But there are other ways to honor this holiday besides your gift.

Organize a Fundraiser

Ready to make a difference on International Women’s Day? Fundraising is the flex that’s sure to make a real impact. Whether you’re all about supporting education, fighting for equal pay, or making a global mark, your funds can go a seriously long way. Money talks, and it can help organizations doing fantastic work for women and allies, which we are absolutely here for. And when you’re hosting fundraising events, floral arrangements are a must. They create an inviting atmosphere and can make for rad gifts for your attendees.

Host a Party

The focus of International Women’s Day is about making moves, but having fun is what’s up on the holiday, too. That’s why you need to have your BFFs over for a party! It’s the perfect setting for hanging out and laughing with your peeps, and a chance to introduce the friends you stan the most to one another. You can have the party be all about cheering everyone’s recent Ws or focus on a global situation that deserves the spotlight. Hit play on your favorite tracks, dish out some snacks that slap, and set out fresh flowers that give the space a glow-up.

Gather For a Meaningful Meal

Gather your pals for an International Women’s Day celebration that’s bound to be fire. Make reservations at a place owned and run by hard-working women and their allies, where every penny you spend matters. You’re not just showing love to your local queens; you’re also giving a boost to their bank accounts. Whether kicking it at Sunday brunch, attending a power lunch, or going all out at a bougie dinner, the vibe is all about bonding over some delicious eats.

Set Personal Goals

Take time to focus on yourself on International Women’s Day by setting personal goals. Take a seat, reflect on what gets you stoked, and create a plan to achieve it. Whether it’s becoming less bothered or leveling up at work, figure out how to live your best life. It could be time to start putting yourself first more often, so get hyped about improving your health and feeling like a rock star. When you let your worth shine, you inspire the peeps around you, and that’s what’s up.

Send Flowers

Delivering a sweet-smelling flower arrangement to someone special is a legit move for expressing your gratitude. It makes the mood super sophisticated and brightens the entire space. And, according to science, it’s a straight-up happiness booster. So, surprise your ride-or-dies with a bouquet of blooms at their doorstep this International Women’s Day. Whether it’s your day-one BFFs, the allies who always get the memo, or the family members who’ve let you be your authentic self, let them know they’re appreciated. That’s the flex we’re here for on IWD!

International Women’s Day is about celebrating the women and allies who keep it real, whether you’re brunching, throwing a purposeful party, or sending out fresh blooms to spread the love. So reach out, as Rancho Mirage Florist has the hookup for the best and freshest flower arrangements.

Honor International Women's Day